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Renovation of empty Lauttasaari 95m2 apartment

All walls/ceilings

- Levelling/filling all walls

- Re-fix floating ceiling in 2 rooms (sagging slightly and needs to be fixed back in place)

- Painting all walls & ceilings

- Paint shall be matt white

Living room electrical sockets

- Electrical sockets in living room shall be replaced with new ones at the same time as walls are being renovated


- Paint all radiators

- Paint shall be white heat-resistant radiator paint


- Sand/varnish floor

- Varnish shall be lighter than current

- Varnish shall be proposed by renovator before use

- Renovator shall carry out test sand/varnish in small area before carrying out work on full floor

- Replace existing mouldings with silver ones

- Replace existing skirting with white skirting

- One room in apartment does not require any flooring renovation (see floorplan with blue cross)

- Dust from sanding shall be cleaned after sanding


- Remove existing bathroom furniture and dispose (keep existing towel rail for re-use)

- Remove existing wall and floor tiles

- Repaint ceiling with waterproof white paint

- Propose large white tiles for wall and medium-sized dark tiles for floor (see attached photos for examples)

- Once agree with owner, install tiles

- Use suitable grout for bathrooms

- Propose new toilet, shower set, shower screen, sink unit (with new mixer tap), mirrored storage (with lights) above sink and new waterproof ceiling spotlights

- Buy and install above equipment

- Re-instate existing towel rail

- Ensure existing underfloor heating is working after renovations

- Re-instate electrical sockets, drain point and water feeds for washing machine and clothes dryer

Hallway storage

- New door rails

- Purchase and install 4 new doors (2 x mirrors and 2 x panelled)

- Painting existing carcass white

General requirements

- Deadline - must be completed no later than 23.02.2018

- All works must meet with housing company requirements and Finnish legislation

- Renovator must have sufficient insurance and certificates to carry out all activities

- Renovator must dispose of all waste material

- Apartment must be clean after renovations

- Can visit

- Quote must be itemised for each task

- Renovator must provide photos/samples to owners before purchasing any equipment

- Renovator can visit apartment to measure up to finalise quote


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  • Sijainti Lauttasaari
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  • Isokaari 13
  • 00200 Helsinki

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13.1.2018 18:33


Tarjous 1,00 €

"Hello. I want to see the place."

15.1.2018 10:55

Lattiasta Kattoon Plus

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Offering for painting all walls/ceilings/radiators

A detailed price estimate after the visit.

The company is in the prepayment register.

Recommendations are available, some are also available here


Fluent English is available.


From Floor to Ceiling Plus


16.1.2018 21:30


Tarjous 1,00 €


I would like to come over and forecast the target in order to make an offer.

Please call or mai..

Best Regs

Mika / Luottoremontti"

21.1.2018 23:24

Revelk Oy

Tarjous 45,00 €

"is it possible to see the place before estimate."



13.1.2018 13:19

Aabet Oy


"Soita 0465302709 Juha.

Katselmuksesa sitova urakkatajous.



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13.1.2018 22:46

Tmi Scandirax


"phone number? thank you.



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